My God I Thank Thee - CD Cover - Featuring Jane Maloney

Being thankful in all circumstances is a challenge we all face. My God I Thank Thee is a message of hope and encouragement, helping us focus on what really matters.

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Jane Maloney

Jane Maloney

Award winning composer

The Poem Becomes The Song

Florence Petet BeallFlorence Petet Beall

During her battle with cancer in 1975, Florence Petet Beall of Austin, Texas, (1909-1997) penned the poem The Mystery Of Belief that expressed her confusion as to why so much tragedy comes in light of God’s goodness. The poem carried with it a sense of hope and perseverance as she continued to give thanks to God even when it did not make sense.

Florence ultimately won her fight with cancer, spending many more years teaching school, sharing her thankfulness and faith with those she loved dearly. Her son Bill showed the poem to Jane Maloney, an award-winning composer, who felt it had the potential to be very inspirational and composed the song My God I Thank Thee (The Mystery Of Belief).

The Mystery Of Belief

Yes God, I thank Thee for the night
And for the dazzling morning light,
For sights and smells and sounds that please

For love of husband, children, friends
The wealth of blessings has no end.
Yes God, I thank thee on my knees
Your love provided all of these.

But pains that sear and ills that blind
And agony of heart and mind.
How can I thank Thee, God, for all
Didst Thou not let disaster fall?

And yet I thank Thee, give thee praise
Lips from the words my voice I raise
I praise you, God, in joy and grief
The unsolved mystery of belief.

My God I Thank Thee - Sheet Music

Sheet Music
For Vocal and Piano
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My God I Thank Thee
(The Mystery Of Belief)

My God, I thank Thee for the night;
I thank Thee for
The dazzling morning light;
For sights and smells,
The many sounds that please;
For nodding rose and bending trees.

My God, I thank Thee for family,
For husband, children, even enemies.
For wealth of blessings
Which have no end;
Yes God, I thank Thee,
For old and new friends.

But pain that has seared,
The many ills that blind,
The agony of heart,
And the sorrows of the mind;
Didst Thou not let disaster fall?
Yet I do thank Thee, Lord, for all.

My lips shall praise Thee;
My voice, I shall raise
To thank Thee, Lord,
In all my livelong days.
Yes, I will praise Thee,
In both joy and grief
As I yield to the myst’ry of my belief


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“My Mother believed in the power of God. She and my Dad were givers throughout their lives together . We were so blessed when she gave us her poem. Our prayer is that this song brings encouragement to all in joy and in grief”


(Son of Florence Petet Beall)
As soon as I read the beautiful words to Florence P. Beall’s poem, The Mystery of Belief, I sensed the Presence of the Lord and knew this song carried a message He wanted us to hear.  The Mystery of Belief, teaches us that we can praise God through the good and the bad, trusting His plan to bring us all to a glorious and joyful end. 

Jane Maloney

(Composer, Songwriter)